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10 Tips On How To Avoid Cheating Spouse

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As we all know cheating on does not just happen by random magic, almost all infidelity is preceded by decisions demonstrating poor boundaries around the marriage and the relationship between the spouses.

These boundaries are critically important in protecting a marriage from destructive external influences including infidelity. Whether you’re trying to reestablish trust after cheating on your spouse, or you want to avoid having one in the first place, the following tips will help put the proper precautions in place to protect your spouse, your children, your marriage and even you from the tragic consequences of an affair.

10 Tips On How To Avoid Cheating Spouse

1. Avoid Fantasis About Romance And Sex With Other People Besides Your Spouse

Remember that infidelity starts with your ability to redirect your thoughts long before you have a need to control your body. Thoughts are the seeds of infidelity planted in your marriage.

When you entertain the idea of cheating in your mind and allow yourself to be excited or aroused by the prospect, you have taken the first of many steps toward betraying and harming your spouse. Thought processes become patterns. If you don’t consciously practice thought patterns that protect your marriage, then destructive patterns will take hold instead.

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