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10 Ways To Deal With S*x Problem In Marriage

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Many married couples struggle with a lack of s*x or issues in the bedroom. In fact, it is estimated that one out of three couples has a sexual desire gap. according to research, happily married couples ranked s*x right up there with communication, commitment, and generosity.

 If you and your spouse struggle with sexual problems, it might be time to focus on ways to improve your communication, your sexual chemistry, and perhaps seek professional help.

Below are 10 ways to deal with sex problems in a relationship

1. Choose A Time When You Are Both Alone And Not Distracted

Having a conversation about sexual issues can be difficult and awkward, especially if you are both feeling the lack of sexual chemistry in the bedroom.

Don’t spring the conversation on your partner when you’re having dinner at a restaurant or surrounded by friends. Look for a time when you are both alone, in a private space, to bring up the topic. A good time may be when you are both getting ready for bed, or after you have dinner together at home.


2. Broach The Topic Of Sex In Your Marriage

A big part of strengthening the sexual relationship between you and your spouse is maintaining open and honest communication between you and your spouse. Bringing up the sexual issues in your marriage will show you are trying to make sex a priority in your relationship, instead of an occasional occurrence.

Perhaps you have grown distant from your spouse or your spouse has grown distant from you. Regardless, be proactive and get the conversation started. Let your spouse know that you realize it’s important to have an intimate connection in a relationship, especially in a marriage.

3. Focus On How You Can Both Meet Each Other’s Needs

Tell your spouse that you realize you have both been unhappy with your love life and that you want to try to do something about it. If your partner responds with, Well, I’ve heard that before, don’t take it personally.

Instead, ask your partner how you can meet their needs, sexual and otherwise. Discuss what your partner feels is lacking in your sexual relationship and what you feel is lacking, as well.

4. Hear Each Other Out

Don’t interrupt your partner when your partner is sharing any feelings or concerns. Focus on listening before you respond or speak.

Ask if there are any specific issues or concerns. Try to get to the root of your issues. Don’t be afraid to be specific about your concerns, as this can lead to solutions to address them.

If your partner brings up a feeling of boredom in the bedroom, think of ways to spice up your usual sex routine. Maybe your partner is feeling exhausted by their workday, or experiencing a negative image of their body. Discuss possible solutions to these issues, like taking less hours at work, going on a vacation just the two of you, or taking up exercise together.

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