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11 Health Dangers Of Wearing Tight Clothes

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We all like to occasionally wear tight jeans, a skimpy dress or a fitted skirt, but did you know that wearing very tight clothes day in day out can have adverse effects on your health and well-being?

We all know that tight clothing shows off our figure and allows us to feel secure with ourselves. Nevertheless, wearing very tight clothes causes certain health problems.  In this article, we’ll talk about what we wear and how it relates to the body.

Below are Some of the dangers of this habit…

1. Infections

The most prevalent problem for women tends to be vaginal infections. This is due to fabrics that are used to make pants or underwear, which don’t allow the skin to breathe as it should. Bacteria and moisture at higher than normal levels cause a change in the vaginal PH and result in an infection.

2. Lack Of  Circulation

When clothes are very tight, they don’t allow for normal blood circulation. This occurs mostly in the legs because of wearing pants for hours at a time. It can also be dangerous if the tight clothes are in the abdominal area. The feeling of  pins and needles, the sensation of fatigue, and swelling in the extremities are frequent.

In addition to affecting blood circulation, wearing very tight clothing may aggravate one of the worst aesthetic problems that many women face: cellulite.

Dressing in tight clothing does not actually cause orange peel skin, but neither does it help, making it in fact harder to get rid of. This is why if you suffer from cellulite in certain areas of your body, you should avoid compressing it with garments that are too close-fitting: choose a looser kind of clothing instead.

3. Varicose Veins

If we maintain the habit of wearing “skinny jeans” or tight clothing for a long time, veins are compromised even more.  As a result, veins are unable to carry out their job of pumping blood to the heart. This causes varicose veins.

In addition to this,  legs end up with spider veins.

4. Posture Problems

The back is another part of the body that may be damaged if you’re always wearing clothes that are too tight. This type of clothing does not allow the body to move naturally, creating extra burden for certain muscles which may result in pain in the future in your neck and back. In fact, t-shirts or shirts that hinder the movements of the arms throughout the day will cause the shoulders to end up overloaded. You may experience muscle cramps and even tingling.

Some women wear smaller sizes than they should to look thinner or because they like the style. Dresses, blouses or bras that are too small hurt the back and affect the spine. They can also cause incorrect posture of the shoulders, neck and head.

5. Poor Digestion

If you wear really tight clothing, you’ll probably feel uncomfortable after eating. After all, we often undo one or two buttons of our pants so that we don’t burst out at the seams. Besides remembering not to eat too much food,  you need to choose looser outfits so that your digestion isn’t affected.

Remember that when eating, you stomach dilates and needs more space. If not,  you can suffer from acid indigestion, reflux, or nausea.

6. Difficulty Breathing

If clothes are too tight, the chest, lungs and diaphragm are greatly affected. This is because they aren’t able to expand as they are suppose to. When the respiratory system doesn’t  function correctly, the body cannot eliminate carbon dioxide and cells age prematurely. Because of this, you should not wear tight bras, blouses, or tee shirts that press against the torso.

7. Cellulitis

Even though tight clothes will not directly cause orange peel skin, it’s true that this habit can greatly worsen the problem. The accumulation of fat in the major tissues of the glutes and legs is what forms cellulitis. When the skin has no place to move to be comfortable, it cannot eliminate toxins. If you suffer from cellulitis, pay attention to the pants that you’re wearing.

8. Nerve Problems

Skinny jeans can cause a syndrome known as meralgia paraesthetica, which causes intense pins and needles in the legs and extreme sensitivity in that area. This occurs mostly in the glutes and the muscles. Be careful if you spend many hours in the same pair of tight pants.

9. Muscular Pain

Clothes can limit our freedom to make certain movements and they can make us feel uncomfortable. We may walk like robots or have poor posture that can make us have muscular pain later on. They can also cause tension or sensations of heaviness in different parts of our body.

10. Constipation

Often times, we blame eating heavy meals that we enjoy for constipation, but this isn’t the only cause. The clothes that you are wearing is making the situation worse. When pants or a skirt are too tight, the intestines are unable to do their job. This causes gas or constipation.

11. Fluid Retention

Excessively tight clothes cause swelling of the calves and the legs because the lymph system cannot function as it should. Fluid retention is not just caused by consuming too much salt or not drinking enough water, but also by tight pants that people pour themselves into.

Your day will be much more enjoyable if you wear less of tight outfits.

Credit: SteptoHealth

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