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18 Year Old Bride Commits Suicide After Husband Keeps Demanding For Virginity Test

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A 24-year-old man, named Zafar Pirovman has been reportedly charged with driving his new wife, 18-year-old Rajabbi Khurshed to commit suicide after pressuring her to take virginity tests then demanded a second wife after disbelieving the results that proved she was indeed a virgin.

It was gathered that Zafar and Rajabbi who got married in an arranged marriage in Tajikistan had never met each other prior to their marriage and before their marriage, a government-required prenuptial exam that includes a virginity test was carried out on Rajabbi and she passed all of it, but Pirov did not believe she was a virgin and demanded she undertakes another virginity test after they got married.

Zafar reportedly took his new bride for two other tests,that still proved she was still a virgin, yet he doubted both. Casting his wife out, he demanded a new bride only two weeks after their wedding and the pressure pushed Rajabbi to consume a lethal dose of vinegar 40 days after they were married.

According to source from Rajabbi’s family who arranged the marriage, she told them on her deathbed that she had felt under massive pressure to accept Pirov’s demands for a second wife and “couldn’t take it any longer”.

Zafar defended himself, claiming his wife admitted she was not a virgin and consented to him taking a second wife.

“My wife gave me a written statement that she allows me to get a second wife because she wasn’t a virgin when we got married.” He said.

Rajabbi’s mother Fazila Mirzoeva has pleaded to the country’s president, Emomali Rahmon, for help get justice for her daughter, who she said is a victim of “slander and violence”. She said her daughter, from the village of Chorbogh, had never had a boyfriend and had never had sex with anyone. She dropped out of school to help take care of her brothers who both have special needs. Zafar could be facing eight years in jail if found guilty of driving Rajabbi to suicide.


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