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5 Common Bad Resume Tip To Avoid

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There are plenty of resume writing tips out there. Everyone has an opinion, the amateur blogger, the professional resume writer, and the list goes on. The truth is some of the advice is common sense, some nonsensical.

Below are 5 common bad resume tips you should avoid.

1. Stick To One-Page Resumes

If you’re a recent graduate or early career professional, this tip is valid. If you don’t have enough experience and skills to fill up more than one page, it makes sense to actively distill what you want to say to meet that one-page cut-off.
However, if getting your resume down to one page would require you to erase a huge chunk of your employment history, think twice. When tailoring your resume to the employer’s needs and requirements listed in the job posting, always include all relevant work experience. If the list is long, limit the amount of information you provide. Focus on three to five bullet points per position that showcase the skills and experience critical to the job you’re applying for.

Never gloss over relevant selling points to keep the length or page count down. And don’t go to extremes tweaking the font size and line spacing to fit everything in on one page. If the relevant information goes beyond a page or two, so be it.

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