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6 Nice Couples In The Yoruba Movie Industry You Didn’t Know Were Couple

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Yoruba movie industry is a branch of Nollywood producing good movies, infact it is the largest branch of Nollywood producing quality movies to Yoruba audience.

You probably know some actors and actresses in the Yoruba movies you watch everyday, but you might not know some of them are couple. Online Naija presents to you some couple in the Yoruba movie industry you probably dont know were couple.

1. Fausat and Rafiu Balogun


Our number one couple celebrities in Yoruba movie industry is Fausat Balogun popularly known as Madam Saje and Rafiu Balogun.

Mr. Rafiu Balogun is an actor, scriptwriter and movie producer. Only few people in and outside the industry knows that they are husband and wife due to the way they comport themselves in the public. Rafiu and Fausat Balogun met in the industry many years ago, after which the actor, who was her boss then proposed to her and they got married.

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