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6 Signs That Shows He’s Not Your Mr Right

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How do i know if he’s my Mr Right or not? Ladies get in here!

This is the question many ladies ask themselves when they just enter into a new relationship.

Most Nigerian women are in a relationship where they’re not really sure what they want in it or how they feel about the man. And just incase you’re one of such women, it’s most likely that you’re seeing the wrong guy.

One of the most difficult decisions people face when it comes to dating is that of being able to successfully tell real love from infatuation, and that is because the two of them are almost similar.

The only way you can tell one from the other is if you give it time, and pay attention to every tiny detail about your feelings and the attitude of the other person towards you. The simple truth though, is that those who are able to tell when it’s real from when it’s not are the happiest and safest from a potentially awful experience.

One of the many signs of infatuation is uncertainty about the way you feel. If you’re in a relationship where you have to continually question your feelings, then, it’s probably the wrong one.

Let take a look at some of the signs that shows you’re dating the wrong guy below…

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1. You’re never yourself around him

One of the many good things about true love is that it comes with good friendship. You cannot be in love and not be fond of your partner. This friendship of course, is what would allow the both of you to be very comfortable around each other. Friends do not have to put up an appearance or fake emotions just to Please each other, they’re always at ease and can be themselves around each other. If you’re not comfortable being yourself, and feel like you have to become another person around your partner, then, there is something wrong about that relationship. Lovers should be able to say and do anything around each other without having to worry about how the other might react to it. Your lover should love you for who you are, not who you have to be for them.

2. He’s never in touch with your feelings (He doesn’t listen)

One quality a good lover possesses is the ability to always listen and hear out his partner, so as to be in touch with her feelings all the time. If your lover is the type that likes to talk about himself always, ask or give you a chance to speak your mind and make your feelings known, and seems distant whenever you try to make open your emotions, he might just be the wrong man for you. Relationships are about give and take, and two people connecting emotionally. If that emotional connection isn’t there, there’s no point being there at all.

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