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6 WhatsApp Scams You Need To Beware Of And Avoid

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Without doubts WhatsApp is now the biggest instant messaging apps in the world with more than one billion users in 180 countries and just like with anything on the internet that has millions of users, scammers are always targeting it.

Considering the popularity and widespread usage of WhatsApp, even among the older generations in countries such as Nigeria, it is no surprise that the attention of hackers and other unscrupulous individuals have shifted to the medium in a bid to exploit loopholes that could be used to swindle unsuspecting users of their money or other sensitive information.

Hence you need to know the common WhatsApp scams and how to protect yourself from these scams that come in various forms like some that pronounce themselves as public service announcements. Others are more malicious, and masquerade as official messages from the company.

Here are six WhatsApp scams you need to be aware of and avoid:

1. WhatsApp Gold

The offer of an upgrade to WhatsApp Gold is a fraud that starts with a message via social networks in which WhatsApp users are invited to click on a link to update their app to the inexistent Oro version (Gold version), which offers the users a suite of new and exclusive features. According to the research and development unit of Yudala, the link takes the user to a web page where, if he wants to use these improvements, he has to give his phone number. Interestingly, users who go on to give their number will be subscribed to a premium SMS service: each text message that you receive will cost you just a meagre sum.

Global attention was initially drawn to the existence of this scam by the Spanish National Police and Civil Guard when it reported the existence of an expensive scam costing users £36 per month. Since then, the scam has also been reported in a number of countries. It is important to point out that there is only one version of WhatsApp; so caution is the watch-word should you get a similar invitation to upgrade to WhatsApp Gold.

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