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8 Sign That Shows Your Relationship With Him Will End In Marital Bliss

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As it is commonly said that you will “kiss a lot of frogs” before finding the right partner, in the end you’ll find out it’s all worth it, because once you do find your perfect match everything else begins to fall into place.

This said, ladies you need to up your game and be very sensitive in you relationship with a guy, as a lady you need to be very smart to be able to read in between the lines and see the vivid signs to tell if a guy is really into you or just a time waster, if he has plans to move your relationship forward or has nothing good to offer because these days guys come up with all sorts of cock and bull stories when it comes to marriage issues.

So therefore, it all lies in your hands to act at the right time and take the needed decision whenever you have to because like the do say you can only drag the horse to the river but you can’t force the horse to drink.

Although you may not be able to easily tell or immediately know whether or not your relationship with him will definitely end up in marital bliss, here are some signs to watch out for that will help to show you if you two are bound for life.

1. He says it
If your guy is the type that frequently ask you how you want your dream wedding to look like, your preferred wedding colours, ring size or likes to raise some important aspect of the wedding he is particular about, then there is no doubt that kind of man is definitely planning to settle down with you.

2. He plans with you in mind
Men naturally are wired to know the details and intricacies of every project they want to get involved in. Yes! project. A wedding is like a project to a man, and factors such as accommodation, career development, finances etc. are considered. The interesting thing about this is that he plans all this with you in mind. He is genuinely concerned about how these seemingly minute details will affect your life.

3. He delights in your happiness
If a guy goes out of his way consistently and genuinely to do tasks or go on events he normally would not go to, just to make you happy, he is definitely gearing to pop up the marriage question, but be careful not to get this twisted with professional escorts on the prowl who will pretend to please you. The serious marriage minded guy does not complain about it. He does not care how he is going to look before his friends. Also watch out for his body language when he is accompanying you, Is he comfortable? He might not be excited, but is he there mind, body and soul? Is he genuinely Interested in knowing more about what you love?

4. He helps you become better person
A guy who is ready to get married to a woman, genuinely wants her to make progress. Guys want their women to rep them in a good way, so they want to help their women become better. He always wants to know about your career, job, hobby or craft. Does he proffer solutions to challenges that seem to weigh you down? And don’t mix this up with being possessive, judgemental and demeaning. Traits of jealousy and competition are a NO-NO.

5. He entrusts you with his life
Hey! Ladies, this is not to say if your guy is not telling you things, he is not ready to get married. One thing you have to understand is that trust is earned. A guy who wants to get married to you, will eventually open up to you, when he finds out you are genuinely concerned about his welfare. We call it wife material. When a guy finds his “wife material” he starts asking for your opinion on everything, he opens his inner thoughts, fears and deep feelings. He practically shares his life with you. That does not mean he is not ready for marriage if he is not doing all this now. It is a gradual process. Give him time, and give him that motherly love and care without judging him.

6. Family links
If your guy wants you to meet his family, be around him at family events, meet his siblings and people he loves, he really wants to settle down with you. He has seen you as a member of his family.

7. He wants you
Guys get emotional and soft when they have found the woman they want to spend their lives with. They are not scared to let you know how they feel. He is not ashamed to tell you how much you mean to him. He is always telling you how special you are to him.

8. Kids
When your guy jokingly asks about the names of your kids, or the number of kids you want to have, he is actually considering the motherly side of the woman he wants to spend his life with. You have to understand that it takes commitment to raise kids, and for a guy to talk or joke about them often, he really means to spend his life with you

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