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Angry Woman Stages Protest Completely Naked In Broad Daylight

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A shocking video of an angry woman staging a naked protest outside a car dealer’s home as emerged online.

The bizarre video reportedly shot in the Brazilian state of Santa Catrina, shows the angry 29-year-old tearing down a man’s fence. It was gathered the car the woman purchased from the dealer several hours earlier, broke down not long after. The woman explained to the police officers that were called in that she had called the owner but he had refused to repair it.

In clip recorded by a passerby on June 21, the woman can be heard ranting about ‘bad service’ as she tears down a black metal gate at the entrance to a forecourt where the dealer lives. She was arrested not long after officers arrived, who detained her under Brazil’s article 223 for public decency.

Witness Rolf Otto, who photographed the woman, said she was ‘talking aloud’ while walking up and down the street naked. A police spokesman would only identify the woman as ‘T.R.R’ as she had been admitted to a nearby hospital for psychological assessment.


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