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List Of Radio Stations In Nigeria For All States

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Incase you are looking for a radio station to tune to or a comprehensive list of radio stations according to states, then you are on the right page as we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the radio stations in each state of Nigeria with heir band frequency knowing that Nigerians love listening to radio as it is believed to be one of the fastest means of getting information since it’s easily accessible from our phones,cars, homes or even as a separate device.

List of Radio Stations in Nigeria By States

List of Radio Stations Abuja

88.9 – Brilla FM, Abuja – Sports
92.1 – Vision FM, Abuja
92.9 – Kapital FM (FRCN), Abuja
93.5 – ASO Radio, Abuja
94.7 – Rhythm FM, Abuja
95.1 – Nigeria info Abuja
96.9 – Cool FM, Abuja
98.3 – Hot FM, Abuja
87.9 – Best Afro FM, Abuja
99.5 – Wazobia FM, Abuja
99.9 – Kiss FM, Abuja
100.5 – Raypower FM, Abuja
104.5 – Love FM, Abuja
106.3 – WE FM

List of Radio Stations Abia

88.1 – Broadcasting Corporation, Umuahia
103.9 – Love fm, Aguiyi Ironsi layout, Umuahia
102.9 – MAGIC FM Aba
104.1 – Vision Africa, Umuahia
103.5 – Pace Setter FM, Amakanma old Umuahia


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