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Meet The 3-Year-Old Girl With Strange Condition That Makes Her Cry Tears Of Blood Confusing Indian Doctors

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A three year old girl named Ahana Afzal with a mystery condition that causes her to cry tears of blood has left doctors in India confused.

Accordimg to DailyMail, the little girl started bleeding from her nose two years ago while suffering with pneumonia and doctors put it down to a high fever, but now the toddler bleeds from her mouth, ears and eyes almost every day despite having no visible scratches, leaving her exhausted with crippling migraines.

Ahana’s desperate parents Nazima Begum, 28,  (mother) from Hyderabad in south Indian state of Telangana and Mohammed Afzal, 33, (father) a fitness trainer have reportedly spent more than a thousand pounds on tests but still don’t have an official diagnosis. Although medics now suspect she might have an ultra-rare condition hematodrosis which makes sufferers sweat blood.

“My baby asks me as to why she keeps bleeding from her ears. I don’t know how to answer that question. I am clueless about her condition. All I know is every time she bleeds, her hemoglobin levels goes down drastically and we have to get blood transfused into her body.” Ms Begum said.

While her father who also has a healthy four-year-old son, said his daughter’s problems started when she had a nose bleed, aged one, when she was suffering pneumonia.

“Doctors told us that there was nothing to worry as the bleeding might be happening because of high fever. But when the frequency of bleeding increased, we decided to take her to a better medical facility. Our world came crashing down when we learnt that our baby might be suffering from a rare disease.” He said.

Adding that his toddler used to be bubbly and cheerful, but is now left exhausted due to her rare condition. And she used to go to play school but two months ago was forced to stay at home due to her illness.

Despite earning just £70 a month, the family has spent £1,700 on medical tests in the hope of getting a diagnosis and treatment.


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