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Parts Of The Human Body We Don’t Wash Enough

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Very few people know the importance of washing every part of the body thoroughly, which is not meant just for a sign of cleanliness, but also to keep away wicked germs to stay healthy always.

However, there are some parts of the human body we often ignore washing well enough, although this sometimes isn’t deliberate, but simply out of plain forgetfulness. Let take a look at these body parts we often forget to wash at all or properly wash enough below…

1. The back of the ears

Since the back of the ears are hidden, it’s very easy to forget that part while you’re in the shower. Sometimes, you clean all others, and forget this one part. It’s not really your fault; it’s because of its location, but it’s important to give it attention because germs can build up there over time and cause you skin infection.

2. The corners of the nostrils

As we all know the nose has two breathing points called, nostrils. Almost behind them, you’ll find these corners that are easy to miss out during bath.

3. The navel

This has to be the most forgotten part of the body during shower. One clear sign of an unclean navel is a patch of dark substance that usually covers it. You scratch it off with your fingers, and it falls off.

 4. Behind The Knees

Behind the knees are the legs equivalent of behind the elbows on our hands. The elbows you can wash always because it’s in plain sight, however, behind the knees you tend to forget more because you don’t really see them.


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