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Seven Things You Need To Know About S*x If You Are Married

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S*x for most married people tends to take the back seat in the scheme of things. It’s always about the children, and the family.

Sometimes, couples even sleep apart from each other after a few months or years of being together. You may have a genuine reason for that, but I’m not sure it’s a healthy arrangement for your marriage and your health.

S*x has a lot of benefits, and being married shouldn’t deny you of them. Below are 7 benefits of s*x you probably didn’t know of.

Seven Things You Need To Know About S*x If You Are Married

1. It Builds Your Libido

Now, there are people who don’t really want to have s*x often because they’re not interested in it naturally. For people like this, part of the advice from experts is to try to do it as often as possible to change their feelings towards it. It may not be easy at first, so they take something to enhance it, but over time, you find that they grow into it naturally because they would have come to like it.

2. Sex Makes You Look Younger

The common thinking is it makes one look older, but that is untrue. In a research that was carried out, subjects who had frequent s*x at least three times a week for people in their 40s and 50s look between four and seven years younger than those who had less.

Researchers suspects the endorphins and feel-good chemicals released during intimacy, plus sex’s beneficial effects on sleep and stress levels. Also, it helps increase blood flow, and regulates hormones, which makes the skin look better.


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