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Top 10 Most Competitive Courses In Nigeria Universities

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As we all know there are many of course of study in the Nigerian universities, both Private and Federal universities that are more competitive than one another.

Not minding how tedious this courses can be many students don’t usually mind the rigour that comes with studying this competitive courses knowing that most of them promises immediate employment after graduation in reputable organization.

Also considering the poor nature of the economy, most parent want their children to study these competitive courses not minding what it will cost them financially with the mindset that they will be able to get quality jobs that will better their life when they complete the courses.

Today we compiled a list of the 10 most competitive courses in Nigerian Universities below…


Biochemistry, sometimes called biological chemistry, the branch of science that explores the chemical processes within and related to living organism is no doubt a very competitive course that many admission candidate that intend to study Medicine love to study with the mindset that it will be much easier for them to cross over to medicine.

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