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Top 5 Favourite Soap Operas From 12 Years Ago

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A soap opera or soap, is a serial drama on television or radio that examines the lives of many characters, usually focusing on emotional relationships to the point of melodrama and the term soap opera originated from such dramas being typically sponsored by soap manufacturers in the past.

From daytime to primetime, soap operas have been a staple of television since Faraway Hill first aired in 1946. However, it wasn’t until the 50s that soaps really took off. Many of the most popular soap operas from the 50s first began as radio programs. For the next 6 decades, soap operas ruled the airways during both daytime and primetime, becoming obsessions for millions of people. Many of these soap operas spanned decades, introducing many new characters and twisty plots all the time. While many soaps dealt with the same types of settings, “Days of Our Lives,” “General Hospital,” and “The Doctors” were all set in hospitals.

Below is a list of Top 5 soap operas from 12 years ago…

1. Passions

Without doubts, Passions followed the lives of the residents of the fictional town called Harmony, chronicling their various romantic and paranormal adventures. The major story-lines focused on the interactions between the core families: The Russells, The Cranes, The Bennettes, and The Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Like any good soap opera, Passions had it all (romance, lies, betrayal, sex, murder) but truly excelled when they included elements of the supernatural involving the characters Tabitha (a centuries old witch), her doll, Timmy (who could come to life) and Charity Standish (a girl who had the ability to harness the forces of goodness). Many were left heartbroken when AIT for some reason decided to stop airing Passions. Contrary to what people thought, the show wasn’t cancelled and actually ran from 1999 and had a proper ending in 2008. Incase you miss the show and want to catch up, you can go to NBC’s website and read up.


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