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What You Need To Know On How To Make Money From Ginger In Nigeria

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Nigeria is currently the third largest exporter of Ginger in the world after China and India. Therefore Nigerian ginger is highly regarded in the international market for its quality and highly medicinal value, specifically its aroma, purgency and high oil and Aleoresin content.

Sourcing And Production Of Ginger In Nigeria

Ginger is produced mainly in six states of the federation namely; Kaduna, Nassarawa, Benue, Niger and Gombe states. With Kaduna being the largest and major state for the farming and production of Ginger.

Ginger Planting Season

Planting of ginger starts from March/April.

Harvesting Ginger

Ginger is ready for harvest in October/November.

Marketable Specification

Ginger is sold in the local and international market as wet ginger and dry split ginger. Mainly for export trade dry split ginger is of high demand.

Export Destination Of Ginger From Nigeria

The export market for the Nigerian Ginger include; USA, China, Europe, UK, Russia, Saudi Arabia among other countries.

How To Make Money From Ginger In Nigeria (Investment Opportunity)

  1. Ginger Production (Ginger Farming)
  1. Ginger Sourcing
  1. Ginger Export
  1. Ginger Processing (Into packaged dried ginger, ginger smoothie etc)
  1. Local Trading of Ginger (Storage and intra country trade)

The Ginger planting season is currently starting. Are you interested in investing in Ginger and any of its value chain; Production, Processing, Export, Local trade, Ginger Sourcing?

What you Need To Know

  • Quality Standard
  • Measurements for local trade and export
  • Best Practices for storage
  • Export Specifications
  • Export Standards and quality
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Cost analysis of Ginger Farming and production
  • Opportunities in Ginger processing
  • Pricing and how to maximize profit
  • Getting buyers (International and local) for your ginger
  • How to secure Export contracts
  • How to finance your ginger export
  • Shipping and Freight Rates
  • Export Documentations
  • Cost analysis for Export business
  • Return on Investment analysis

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